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Android Applications for e-Sim (download links) (Old article)
Posted 5 years ago by
You say fyrom i say FUCK YOU    

As i said, i have been working on creating some android applications that will allow us more direct access to the game (dedicated android browser for the game itself), so here they are, and i hope you will like it:

1. eSim Games
- Included dedicated browser tabs for eSim Primera and eSim Secura only

2. eSim Games with Mibbit
- Included dedicated browser tabs for eSim Primera, Mibbit Chat Client and eSim Secura

3. eSim Games with Mibbit and Damage Calc
- Included dedicated browser tabs for eSim Primera, Mibbit Chat Client and eSim Secura + a dedicated tab for damage calculator for eSim

4. eSim Games with Mibbit including eRep*****
- Included dedicated browser tabs for eSim Primera, Mibbit Chat Client and eSim Secura + a dedicated tab for err (erep****k)

5. Browser Games
- Included dedicated browser tabs for eSim Primera/Secura and eRep***** only

- There applications are adds free and offcourse Free of Charge
- The simplicity of these applications is for one and only intention, to make the access to the games as simple as in 1 click
- The saved cookies (login and password) will not be shown to anyone, not even you, so the applications are completelly safe to use and virus free
- These applications do not allow the android device to go to sleep mode when opened in full screen (though you can click home button on your device and get them to run in background so the sleep mode will be active while runing the applications in background)
- These applications will not ask for permissions to access your data or your location (if that is not the case with your's, please notify me as soon as possible)
- If incase an update of any of these applications is released, it will be anounced through a push alert on your device, and the newer version of the application will only update the older one while keeping the data from the old application

I am sorry i wasn't able to create a mobile site preview of the webpages bcoz that can only be done by the web page developer (or the person who have access to it and is able to edit it), though it would have been awesome if we had one instead of the PC preview mode only.
If you have any questions about these applications or anything, feel free to message me.

Please vote, share and shout the article if you liked it ( sub is not needed i leave that on your choise =) )

The applications work properly on all of the older and newer versions of the android OS's (tested it), so keep in mind that if you are using a custom android OS or non android sistem the applications might not work properly or wont work at all!

If some of you are interested only about the chat client, or a different chat client then i will suggest you to take a look at the article of GeorgeHellas , he have though about some of the things with the chats that might interest you, or maybe learn from:
Click Here to visit his article.

PS haterz gonna hate, and thats what make me famous! they worry about me more than they have ever been worried about themself =)

You say fyrom i say FUCK YOU

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Comments (22)
15-01-2013 13:00:37
(5 years ago)

What android version ??
i use 2.3.7 Xperia MT 27 i Sola , will it work ?

15-01-2013 3:41:35
(5 years ago)

nice work and i would love to use them but i am not on andro. system

15-01-2013 2:41:03
(5 years ago)


15-01-2013 2:36:25
(5 years ago)

v132 s260!!
Lepo odradjeno

14-01-2013 17:52:21
(5 years ago)

i got blackberry 9900. can i use??

14-01-2013 16:17:28
(5 years ago)

- If your account mysteriously gets hacked, you cannot hold Speedy reliable
- This only work if you have 500g+ in your account

14-01-2013 16:16:17
(5 years ago)

works great on sony xperia!

14-01-2013 15:15:21
(5 years ago)

DeathReaper as i mentioned in primera, iPSiart said he is planing to make eSim application for IOS so you will need to talk with him about it

14-01-2013 14:08:01
(5 years ago)

i use BlackBerry, are these apps works in BB as well?

different OS

14-01-2013 13:15:49
(5 years ago)


14-01-2013 13:05:32
(5 years ago)

i use BlackBerry, are these apps works in BB as well?

14-01-2013 13:04:09
(5 years ago)

E-sim Food Limits (FUN)

14-01-2013 12:40:31
(5 years ago)

i can install on OS ? (Blackberry)

14-01-2013 12:06:04
(5 years ago)

V + S

13-01-2013 23:19:30
(5 years ago)

Vote! Great work!

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