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e-Sim damage calculator (Event related)
Posted 10 years ago by

Hello everyone!

This week has been long for me.So I woke up and decided to create a damage calculator for e-Sim. Why? In the long time since the secura server started, e-Sim have had numerous new features like equipments,new battle system,random factor for dealing dmg, and lately new special items, New parameters : Critical chance, Maximum and minimum damage, Critical hit, Chance to avoid damage , Miss chance and lot's of cool stuff.It caused our well-known old damage calculator to stop working properly. Lack of a useful damage calculator was sensible for long time, therefore here is new e-sim damage calculator

Bh hunters , Battle coordinators, T-2 clutch fighters and all e-Sim citizens , I hope you find this calculator useful. It has compatibility with all current game functions. Not every program ability is visible at the moment . more functions will be available is next update , stay connected!

I will be releasing a more detailed outline of e-Sim damage calculator after new update and look forward to growing this prosperous calculator to its fullest potential.

e-Sim damage calculator screenshot:

See larger

Now let's see how it works

Tab 1 : Equipment stats ! Well it's pretty obvious. Open up your profile and enter requested parameters. You have them in equipment stats section. for example this my equipment stats :

Simply 37.75 , 0 and 24.69 will be input of first tab.

Tab 2: Minimal and maximal damage ! check your profile one more time , You have them in equipment stats again.It's written like : Damage: 4,929 / 8,259

Enter them into box and that's it (here minimal damage is 4929 and maximal damage 8259)

Tab 3: Basic number of hits ! It supposed to be the number of weapons you use during fighting in battle based on your limits.How it works? When you have 10 food limit/10 gift limit and you are gonna consume Q5 hp then your basic number of hits will be 100 ( 10 Q5 food + 10 Q5 gift = 100 hit). When you have 50 health already then add up 5 more hit to your basic numbers (100+5=105 hit). It means you should enter 105 hit there.
Another example : When you have 15 good ,15 gift limit and 100 health , Your basic number of hits will be 160 hit by using Q5 food/gifts (15*5 + 15*5 + 10 =160). The real number of your hits will be visible in front of "Estimated number of hits" after clicking on "calculate!"

The rest is clear enough, I won't waste your time anymore

Two things that you should keep in mind:
First of all, don't leave any box blank ! enter requested parameters carefully, program is not fully debugged yet. I didn't define anything for blank and non-responded inputs. that means you need to close program once and run it again(like special items section, remember to "deactivate" buffs if you are not using them!!)

Secondly, Estimated damage can not be 100% accurate because of the random factor which exist in e-Sim battle module. Your real damage will be around "estimated total damage" , can be more but less too. The more hits you make the more accurate your damage will be.

Download link : damage
format : zip file

Virus check : Clean

How to download ?
Open the link then click on the blue button which looks like <= yeah this button

Once you clicked , download progress will start automatically.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone for your feedback in advance .I will take all ideas into consideration and will do my best to communicate as much as possible. I've already started working on new version of program. It will be published in a week or so. Remember to subscribe this paper for future development news. Special thanks to Plussnyuszi for her great work and impact on new battle module , It was helpful for me to develop this program. Thank you Plussnyuszi!.Another gratitude goes to armandelta2002 ,he has been helping me for program security and we will maintain the work till next update.

Be smart with your damage

day 605 of Secura
day 960 of Primera

Update 1:

Seems like Norton anti virus tends to detect our program as a malware file which is not true at all.that's because of encrypted codes we have used to write calculator (in order to keep safe source codes) , However I'm gonna put decrypted version of program for download. Norton users won't have warning anymore.

Download link : damage calculator

Open the link and click on the blue button which looks like

Virus check : Clean
Note: Both versions are same and safe , no matter which one you would download


Update 2:

Known bugs

*Tank buff has effect on every weapon
*You can use weapons while having tank debuff
*location bonus doesn't give you any extra bonus in calculation
*problems with Norton/avast anti virus. Fixed in decoded version
*other minor errors while you leave blank input boxs

Thanks everyone for useful feedback!


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