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Is it correct to ask what should be the theme of new server? (Event related)
Posted 11 months ago by

The number of servers shall be
88.05 % Reduced: Like eliminate one or two servers esp the temporary ones)
7.46 % Increased: Yes create more and more servers
4.47 % I guess these are enough: Not more not less
Total votes: 67

The recent article of Admin news has yet again depicted the act that the developers are once again trying to impose us with another push-over idea of making another yet un-needed server on e-sim. We players do respect the intention of the developers here, but it is pertinent to note that the very question of your poll has assumed that the e-sim community wants another server.

The question regarding the theme of the new server completely disregards the fact that so many servers on e-sim is doing nothing but only harm to the game and ignores the very basic reason for people leaving this game; How the hell we will manage so many servers at the same time, when we already want at least one permanent and one temporary server to be reduced i.e. four servers in all is more than enough.

Instead, admin shall first conduct a poll regarding how many people want another server and how many are against it. And, we are sure the answer would be

It is also worthy to mention here that the pain of managing so many servers on e-sim comes from the fact that once the new server starts, Admin literally forgets about that server. Moreover, they have a habit of bringing all events on the same day, and this annoys players. Players make so many complains, the tickets, the articles, shouts and what not they do to tell the lords of the e-sim:

We are literally fed up of this more servers crap, and instead, we want the number of servers to be curtailed down to less than five, but it seems that you don't care

But wait, developers to care, the only issue is that they have dreams for us, so they are dreaming to get a clear vision of what players need

Meanwhile, I am literally against the concept of new server and instead want them to be reduced to four or maybe less, you are also requested to make your voice count and let it be heard and vote "No" for this insane more server BS.

PS: Please Vote the article, Vote the Poll and Subscribe the Newspaper.

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Comments (16)
09-11-2017 21:19:33
(11 months ago)


i have 3 accounts there and i dont get told anything. xd.

09-11-2017 17:18:06
(11 months ago)

Yoshi it still says under rules on that server that players are only allowed one account!

09-11-2017 13:12:57
(11 months ago)


Testura has its doors opened for you.

09-11-2017 11:51:08
(11 months ago)

hehheheeee .. server with multiple accounts ... Now that is something that admin shd be focussing on :p

09-11-2017 7:13:55
(11 months ago)

I think what we need is more leagues and more offhands. can admin replace the Helmet in auction to offhand?
Also, comments can provide a reply function?

By the way,it's better to start the league a little earlier.

08-11-2017 19:26:24
(11 months ago)

I still want to know why every game i have seen that is economic based makes it illegal to have multiple accounts!

so i want a server that allows multiple accounts so i can see exactly what happens!

does gold become worthless because of eveeryone earning medals?

does gold become insanely prices because everyone wants more gold to build more factories to hire their multiple accounts?

do all the countries stay independant and if they need more soilders to fight they create more?

will one country create so many multiple accounts that single country can take over the whole world?

Will one person start in a tiny country and take over the whole world?

What will happen? how will the politics play out!

please i need a server that allows multiple accounts!

08-11-2017 19:22:56
(11 months ago)


then atleast they should reduced temporary ones.

08-11-2017 15:13:38
(11 months ago)


I agree that the quality suffers under the quantity of servers, but I don't think resetting would be an optimal idea. So many players will leave, bc they invested already too much time in this game to start from the beginning again. I would definetly be pissed if all my efforts would be just resetted...
Offtopic: Like in the old times where BattleForge was still available.

08-11-2017 12:37:42
(11 months ago)

think about this
why should i stop opening new servers

when the same gold buyers in the 3 main servers

still buying and donating money in new servers ??

every week game gain +1k euro from new servers

why stop then ?

nobody cares for active game or dead

its ok while owners gain money

keep trying dont lose hope


08-11-2017 11:38:18
(11 months ago)

when we play on too many servers, we reduce quality and focus on one account just.
less the servers, more new challenges and players

Reset all servers
Rest all players exp and dmg
then start a new life
make another new permanent server instead


08-11-2017 11:32:18
(11 months ago)

Even trees are better

08-11-2017 8:39:13
(11 months ago)

too many servers for this game

08-11-2017 5:58:33
(11 months ago)

V+S - But we are talking to the trees and the stones - no one listen or will listen

07-11-2017 17:56:32
(11 months ago)

reduction is the solution...hard to carry out though

07-11-2017 15:47:45
(11 months ago)

Yeah, too many servers have taken away the charm from this game. No doubt, we join new servers to make sure we don't lose to our competitors, but that is sort of a push strategy. Instead, there are so many ways that this game can be improved, which will automatically secure more players.

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