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The end of the road (Political)
Posted 11 months ago by
taiwanese multi    

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I tried to resist leaving the game. I tried giving it a chance, came back for short periods of time. But there is no way back, and I want to pull the plug, as I've said before.

I lived as a true cosmopolite, having 12 different citizenships before any useless countries were added. Citizenships changed, congress decisions were made, I even became a president once. I arose as a prominent journalist, having >1k subs on those poland-bally things. I was in the various governments, military units, political parties.

It's time to stop bragging. Maybe I was the most famous player on an online game. But at the end, does it even matter?

Croatia Org and Serbia Org each recieved 1060 Gold
from me. Use it wisely to unite. Brat uz brata, Srbin uz Hrvata! Farewell comrades!

P.S. I hope I'll be banned permanently soon. Thanks comrade zorica !

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Comments (16)
10-11-2017 9:32:42
(11 months ago)

one flew over cockoos nest

10-11-2017 1:01:16
(11 months ago)


09-11-2017 21:28:33
(11 months ago)

I'm giving all my gold to the one who guesses correcly when will this game die.
taiwanese multi posted 1 year ago

Noob 😊

09-11-2017 18:45:59
(11 months ago)

LEEEGOOOO o/ brate ne napustaj naaaaas
i ode coek ko da ga nikad nije bilo....

09-11-2017 18:04:03
(11 months ago)

"Brat uz brata, Srbin uz Hrvata!" Heroin 100%

09-11-2017 16:40:00
(11 months ago)

taiwanese multi has gone with the wind. Goodbye!

Also, you should weep for the Q6 equips. <3

09-11-2017 16:27:26
(11 months ago)

09-11-2017 13:32:58
(11 months ago)

Срећно и паметан потез. :Д о7

09-11-2017 11:50:16
(11 months ago)

živio, o7

09-11-2017 7:50:43
(11 months ago)

I was here

09-11-2017 7:35:58
(11 months ago)


09-11-2017 4:19:37
(11 months ago)

But at the end, does it even matter?

taiwanese multi finally you understand.

in this game or in our virtual lifes , notthing matters

09-11-2017 3:35:00
(11 months ago)

I do love taiwanese very much (っ´ω`c)

08-11-2017 22:31:25
(11 months ago)

you couldn't just give your gold to me? I thought I was more important to you than that.

08-11-2017 22:21:12
(11 months ago)

Vidimo se , srecno u RL
Ostavi neki kontakt ako padne opet RL skup

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