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b. Diary of the Queen # Chapter 1 (Fun)
Posted 5 months ago by
Queen Paulina    

- Dear diary do not get me wrong is the first time I write for you, after so long in this drawer, I can not take it anymore.

- The aunt always told me not to use it because of so much time under the crack pipes, I could have headaches from the smell of this book, but no, I'm fine thanks.

- Today I'll tell you a story of when I was still little, it seemed still yesterday, I was traveling from the Pacific Coast to Estremadura Ribatejo, it was bad, because with diarrhea some shit was going to happen and I really needed to go to the bathroom, but I was anxious and vomited because of the trip, if someone traveled on that plane with me I did not see him, I really needed company that day, keep story, when I got home, I ran to the bathroom, but I was undecided which of them I was doing first, so I decided to do both because it was very urgent. I got down to vomit in the vase and shit on the floor, then covered with the rug, my aunt always thinks that she drop the honey on the bathroom floor, continues to say it's from the new California crops, whatever that may be, and that she forgot where she put the bottle of old John, an antiage wine from the south of Portugal.

Thank you dear diary I have to go now, my aunt is calling me, it must be because of the flour I used for yesterday's cake, she always tells me not to use the flour from the box that is behind the volumes of tobacco .

See you tomorrow. *

Queen Paulina

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Comments (6)
26-04-2018 15:39:35
(5 months ago)

vat is dis? is dis a ril stori?

23-04-2018 14:07:51
(5 months ago)

It seems the photo in the article was taken while you are drinking URINE

23-04-2018 0:33:56
(5 months ago)

Keep up with this "shit", looking forward to read more xD

22-04-2018 23:50:48
(5 months ago)

Banchi +1


22-04-2018 19:37:35
(5 months ago)

what kind of mental retardation is this ...

22-04-2018 18:35:28
(5 months ago)

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