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b. Diary of the Queen # Chapter 2 (Fun)
Posted 5 months ago by
Queen Paulina    

- My dear diary, today I will tell you a little about my first love.

- Our story began in the spring of 2008, and every detail was carefully designed by my aunt, nothing that happened in our lives was by chance.

- It all started from the day my family and I had to leave the city we lived in,
because my father had been transferred from the Missouri prison to the ADX in the state of Colorado, which I had never heard of, hardly knew I would never see my father again, two months later, appeared dead inside the solitary, apparently had eaten his own shit, exams done later, demonstrated that what he had ingested contained several hallucinogenic substances, he had probably forgotten that he had eaten a sack of aromatic herbs the day before, he said that when he run out of prison he would be rich, I never understood what he meant by that, since he had been imprisoned for life. I confess that it was not easy to start my life all over again, because I was leaving behind school and the pastry course, the priest of the neighborhood church, always gave me good advice and taught me a lot. When I came to the new city, everything was new, customs and culture were completely different from what I was accustomed to, my brother was different, on the second day a girl from the city's nun college got pregnant, poor thing, it was news all over the USA, she appeared dead floating on the river.
On the day we were introduced, at my father's funeral, he was there, a 26-year-old boy, a successful businessman, who transacted large-caliber weapons, my aunt always spoke of him, said that they have good times one the passe, in the North of Portugal, while the Old John dealt with some subjects in the Algarve.
This was our first visual contact, but we did not have much proximity at first, my godfather never let me
approaching any boy, he said that i have to save me for when Cousin Raul of Italy, a 69-year-old man from the slaughterhouse in Piemonte, came, respected man in all Italy, loves to see blood, the best friend is a gravedigger, catholic 100%, is fanatic for dolls, always walks with a suitcase full of little bags of sugar and bottles of wine.

I'm sorry I do not tell you everything now, but Old John is arguing with the cousin of Block 30, someone ends up dying whenever there is a discussion at home, the last was the bingo man, to calm old John, I found an elephant seal, he says he makes a collection, does not let anyone going in the basement when he is counting the seals he has, from time to time we hears some malefic noises coming from below.

See you tomorrow. *

Queen Paulina

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