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Autodestruction of e-sim? (Event related)
Posted 6 days ago by

Is it autodestruction of e-sim?
86.74 % Yes
13.25 % No
Total votes: 83

Is it autodestruction of e-sim?

+100 battles on the secura? It is more than we have active players!


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Comments (10)
11-07-2018 13:07:08
(5 days ago)

Most of multies are in Turkey, everybody knows it. And trust me, that most of them are banned first day. After all, there are multies created so fast, that stuff have no time for other.

11-07-2018 3:49:17
(5 days ago)

You can kick staff ass because they don’t ban Chinese multies.
Fire them, they don’t work harder.

10-07-2018 18:06:35
(5 days ago)

Too many chineese multis and too many servers.

10-07-2018 16:27:34
(6 days ago)

Glorious Wolf

10-07-2018 8:57:03
(6 days ago)

This server was destroyed by NPC, without it this server is up like Suna...
I hope Admin understand the situation and fix this situation in some way

10-07-2018 7:09:01
(6 days ago)

nah i stay here with my multis

10-07-2018 4:22:18
(6 days ago)


09-07-2018 21:47:50
(6 days ago)

i will be in for that

09-07-2018 20:03:01
(6 days ago)

bring one similar, I am on it, just send me an E-mail on wadaftak@gmail.com

I will be more than glad to get there anyplayers and explayers of e-sim

09-07-2018 19:44:15
(6 days ago)

Let's play other browser game than this bugsim.

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