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anyone above ES 12 who is currently doing 2click can have lucky charm inc es- 0.96/free flight as a debt for 30 days.Please only those who are sure can work daily contact to claim or send contract 400g for a month 475/60 days 550/90 days.

We have a big battle ahead. Every please one come to IRC !!!

Merry christmas Gautam Lulla
Merry christmas HARSHA
Merry christmas Morph

and to Every one
Ministry of Defense India posted 2 years ago

Come to irc for supplies during world war event for hits
Ministry of Defense India posted 2 years ago

Announcements for the new citizens of India :
You get bonus damage for MU BO fights so join some MU of India either PARAS MF or Garud Commando Force for more damage in battle.
More damage means more stronger attacks.
Jai Hind
Ministry of Defense India posted 2 years ago

New citizens of India pls apply for the Indians MU and fight for India
1. Garuda Commandos


Every new citizens of India must apply to any of this MU .We need to strong and develop some fighters to protect our country. We will also help with the supplies
Ministry of Defense India posted 2 years ago

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