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Oni-Chihi (Fun)
Posted 5 years ago by

Esta vez traigo un resumen de los Ovas (episodios de duracion de 30 que no tienen continuidad inmediata) hentai de Oni-Chichi.
Para empezar, vamos a aclarar que hentai seria la palabra japonesa para el porno. Ya con esto podemos hacernos una idea de la tematica de todo dentro de este genero.

Oni-Chichi (Papa demonio), es una serie de Ovas, basados en un juego con el mismo nombre, que comenzaron a emitirse en japon en 2008 y que ya cuenta con Ovas principales divididos en distintos episodios, los cuales son Oni-Chichi, Oni-Chichi 2, Oni-Chichi Re-Birth, Oni-Chichi Re-Born y Oni-Chichi Rebuild.

Pero nos limitaremos a hablar solo de Oni-Chichi, ya que es de este original del que se desprenden las demas versiones.

Dicho esto, empecemos!!
La historia se centra principalmente en Airi y Marina, dos hermanas, y su padrastro (con el que su madre se casa despues de dejar a su anterior marido).
Kozo, su padrastro, es profesor de quimica en una escuela y desarrolla una droga con la que cumple la funcion de afrosiaco y decide probarlo con Sana, la amiga de Airi, al ver los resultados en ella decide probarlo posteriormente con Airi.
Airi invita a Sana a su casa y se entera que estaran ellas 2 y su padrastro por esa noche.
Despues de eso Airi decide tomar un baño y al ir a la sala ve a Kozo viendo unos videos de ella en ropa interior y desnuda y al intentar apagar la TV ve a Sana haciendole sexo oral a Kozo, el habia utilizado anteriormente su droga con Sana, por lo que ella no podia resistirse a ello.
Acto seguido Kozo utiliza su droga con Airi, quien no puede moverse de la exitacion y Kozo decide violarla en ese estado.

Despues de esta exitosa prueba, repite el acto con ella en ambitos como la escuela y otros. Provocando que Airi le guste tener sexo con Kozo sin la necesidad de la droga.

Ya las demas versiones de Oni-Chichi se desprenden de esto, ya que comienza a tener sexo con Marina y comienzan las luchas entre las hermanas por el amor de Kozo y la trama de este hentai es llevada a otros ambitos como viajes a las aguas termales en Oni-chichi Re-Born y la preocupacion de Airi de que Kozo solo la quiera cuando usa la droga.
Ya en su ultima Ova Reaparece la madre de Airi y Marina para tratar de reconstruir la relacion con su marido (Kozo) y sus hijas, dandole el nombre "Rebuild" a esta ultima OVA.

Sin mas reparos, me despido

Gracias a gustito22 por pedir este tema


This time I bring an overview of the Ovas (duration of 30 episodes that have no immediate continuity) of the hentai Oni-Chichi.

For starters, let's clarify that hentai serious the Japanese word for porn. And with this we can get an idea of ​​the theme of all within this genre.

Oni-Chichi (Deamon Dad), is a series of Ovas, based on a play of the same name, which began in the japanese tv in 2008 and already has the Ovas divided into different episodes, which are Oni-Chichi, Oni Chichi-2-Oni Chichi Re-Birth, Oni Chichi Re-Born-and-Oni Chichi Rebuild.

But we will just talk only about Oni-Chichi, as it is this original from which other versions are released.

To begin with, we must clarify to say that includes several genres, mainly incest or rape, they can be somewhat offensive to some.

That said, let's begin !!
The story focuses mainly on Airi and Marina, two sisters, and stepfather (with her mother home after leaving her former husband).
Kozo, his stepfather, a professor of chemistry at school and develops a drug that serves as aphrodisiac and decides to try to Sana's friend Airi, seeing the results it subsequently decides to try to Airi.
Sana invites Airi home and finds out who will be two and stepfather them for the night.
After that Airi decides to take a bath and go to see Kozo room watching some videos of her naked and interior clothes, and she try to turn off the TV, when she sees Sana making Kozo oral sex, he had previously used the drug with Sana , so she could not resist it.
Then Kozo uses its drug with Airi, who can not move from the excitement and Kozo decides rape in that state.

After this successful test, repeated the act with it in areas such as school and others. Causing Airi likes sex with Kozo without the need for the drug.

And other versions of Oni-Chichi emerge from this as they begin to have sex with Marina and begin fighting between the sisters for the love of Kozo and plot of this hentai is carried to other areas such as trips to the hot springs Oni-chichi Re-Born and concern that Kozo Airi wants only when using the drug.
In his last Ova Airi's mother he reappears and Marina to try to rebuild the relationship with her husband (Kozo) and their daughters, giving the name "Rebuild" to this last OVA.

No more objections, I say goodbye: D

Thanks gustito22 for oder this topic.

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