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DISBAND [ENG] (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by
6 Lays in 1st Wagon in 9th Train    

I want to announce that we are officially closing the Papua project.
From today VG MU became a friends MU that will hit for allies.

All guys that made this project works:
CombativePL - nie muszę ci dużo tłumaczyć, sam wiesz co dla mnie zrobiłeś i co ja dla ciebie zrobiłem
Pilatt - za pomoc i bycie spoko typem
l Orange l - you being cool guy since our first meeting on #Swiss Army and adding me to wsp group
Never Dead - just love you
The Untouchable Saaaru - :3
Madansi Omelette de Licorne - without you i wouldn't even meet half of this eWorld
MXwow - dzięki wielkie za eq gdy zaczynałem
Kaileene LeJoris Chuth Azuregos wucs540 Loki Hive moonport SprinterPL korsiarz7 Vivi Ornitier

All my enemies that i respect:
Verniy - on every server you are enemy but we are friends still
Mr player wrany AcertijO

i don't care

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Comments (18)
24-03-2018 21:16:33
(11 months ago)

chuj nie art, a gdzie podziękowania redakcji Bravo?

18-03-2018 11:44:22
(1 year ago)


18-03-2018 2:37:34
(1 year ago)

who are you?

17-03-2018 21:45:28
(1 year ago)

Ojojq na kolana i do rana

17-03-2018 21:27:46
(1 year ago)

6 Lays in 1st Wagon in 9th Train You should thanks your friends from Papua... Not thieves

17-03-2018 12:42:20
(1 year ago)

ha gaaay !

17-03-2018 2:25:45
(1 year ago)

Selling Elephant statue (#5784708)
Q5 Lucky charm
Reduce miss chance by 6.37%
Increase critical chance by 4.87%

PM Offers

17-03-2018 2:18:24
(1 year ago)

you moái

17-03-2018 0:32:17
(1 year ago)

you lose

17-03-2018 0:22:31
(1 year ago)

16-03-2018 23:09:01
(1 year ago)

You forgot about Hi Guy too! xD

16-03-2018 19:21:06
(1 year ago)

yeah wanted to tell you that 6 Lays in 1st Wagon in 9th Train

16-03-2018 18:57:34
(1 year ago)

i forgot about BcydeR

16-03-2018 18:41:55
(1 year ago)


16-03-2018 18:32:25
(1 year ago)


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