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journey in the countries of secura mexico and vietnam (Political)
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this time I will write about mexico and vietnam realtionship

( thanks to Harley Quinn` that helped me with screenshots)


mexico have a long history. she is very strong country with great tankers, she controling a lot of regions and have good economy. the players of mexico from slovakia. Over the years mexico experienced ups and downs. there were times when they controled 20 regions and times when they controled 10.

vietnam was neutral last two years and they fighted for both sides (Bahamas portugal israel...) . before 3 monthes after they lost malazyia regions they decided to support brotherhood, they succeeded to free canada and now they help spain.

the realtionship between vietnam and mexico

both of the countries fighted against each other, even vietnam dont have border with them they canhged cs to fight with them.
mexico controled puerto rico and portugal, before 3 monthes vietnam helped them be free. now they trying to help spain to be free.

I decided to interview anhnv2011 from vietnam and mayXo from mexico


me : why vietnam decided to help spain to be free? why not another country?

anhnv2011 : Like i said before. Spain is my unexpected plan. My plan is come Portugal. Because 1 ex leader from Portugal is my old friend and love them because CR7 . Also Canada vs USA have 10 days rest. We want active so why not fight for friend, so i ask my friend help me get CS. Also Mexico is not huge country, they are inactive and now they just have a few cluther, the rest just dump. So help friend + attack shift, why not? In time we make damage, Spain CP come and want us hit together, and ofc i agreed. We already can make Portugal will appear on map after they see what my mu did in battle, they come and http://prntscr.com/k2ptjg
http://prntscr.com/k2ptzx . But USA CP did 1 action and i will not tell anything about that here but i want quote my friend http://prntscr.com/k57o29. I got revoke. But in that time i dont know what Harley Quinn` did, i very angry Portugal so i come to Spain with ideal that" why i'm not help Spain free and conquered Portugal, they dont want free". After that i know the truth and now i really want free Portugal and Spain who very nice with me and trust me even we dont play together. Thank sidius1

me : how mexico lost puerto rico and portugal (so many lands) before 3 monthes? how you think you succeeded to take portugal back and spain?

mayXo :that was hard times, we were actively playing terra server at that time, where we came with goal SW1.***(removed we) veterans from MX stayed more active on secura but we didnt handle it well and collapsed. shit happend, terra we won, here we fuc**ed :/
respect all pt and esp guys, they showed the "feeling" for the game and made it hard. Spain fighting strong, ppl like battles. In terms of my opinion, im happy to see our guys and even good friends from Mafia MU, Suriname and North K boys fighting together.popici chalani o7

me : tell me about the realtionship between mexico and vietnam, why both countres fight each other?

mayXo : I dont think there is any relationship, i personaly didnt meet these guys before, dont know them - most probably they dont rly know us neither

anhnv2011 : Some part of answer 1 explain this question. Beside my enemy now are "Malaysia, USA and Bulgaria (plan take my colonies) ". Just Cambodia, Taiwan, Usa, Brazil and Mexico Dow and attack my region. Chiwan show that they really are good and loyal friend with me. Brazil have no colonies. So it little effect , just little not main reason. But 1 thing from Mexico which i very hate. When they lose us, They will shout that multies wake up, call us chiwan multies, etc ... Yes, multies mu always cluth and let USA and them built big big big wall. Multies win "1 country vs 1 ally battle

me : tell me about one big battle that vietnam fighted against mexico

mayXo : no special battle that i remember, mby there was some

anhnv2011 : You can check Spain vs mexico battle. But if tell Vietnam vs Mexico direct message, it very long time ago, i cant find link, even i can, data still removed by admin. But it 2 + year ago, but still have picture about it in my lightshot acc link 1 link 2

me : how do you think your country can win the other country? how you will do it?

mayXo : idk, its actually good, it woke up some of our boys

anhnv2011 : if only Mexico vs Vietnamese + native Spain we will win, because Mexico waste many damage for built wall, we jut let them win this round and we try another round. But with join of Suriname, not sure. Only i can do now is frequently make RW, let they waste damage and may be we will win some. If dont we cant let them waste x2 damage of us and can help other battle of shift and hope China and taiwan will come when them finish them war. I think soon taiwan will finish Indonesia and China will finish India. Also france + austria + Poland can finish Germany + NL. As i see Poland have little success. First success RW and defend battle of Spain have some help from them

me : there is a something you want to tell the other countries?

mayXo : hail Slovak legions o7 hail e-Slovaci o7

anhnv2011 Dont touch in Vietnam, we have long story win great Empire like: Han Dynasty, Mongolia Empire, USA, France and Japan. And win most of dynasty of china in defend + RW. We still break down USA when make them lost Canada + UK. Touch in us, you should prepare pay

But some point i want thank them attack us. Before war with Malaysia, only me active, the rest 2 click or some time drop damage in bouns event. Now they come back, drop 100kk - 150kk every day + thousands chat lines in Facebook chat. Also have fun when we win round have huge wall with 3 -4 cluther from us at T1. It really fun

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(7 months ago)


13-07-2018 19:46:40
(7 months ago)


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13-07-2018 1:57:31
(7 months ago)

good article and good job

12-07-2018 18:57:56
(7 months ago)

2 years ago i worked at summer in czech and i remember i was CP of Mexico and we try to attack Japan and Vietnam was before this anyway itss long time

i have to agree we were more powerfull if i compare it with actual Mexico but there was no board debuff...we lost skilled fighters so we r more weak as before

12-07-2018 18:31:25
(7 months ago)

i only train 1211 times, that mean it cant happened more than 2 year. Because i remember i play around 1 year before this war come
It really hard for us too. in this time we have 4 vs 12 - 15 from you (always have 5 - 8 cluth from your side at t2), and we have bad set. but lucky we got 65 % damage (buff and debuff)more than you. It very close total damage

12-07-2018 18:11:53
(7 months ago)

But if tell Vietnam vs Mexico direct message, it very long time ago, i cant find link, even i can, data still removed by admin. But it 2 + year ago

anhnv2011 i remember it was about 3-4 years ago we attacked Vietnam when sailors week appeared (maybe) first time on secura so we wanted to try it but u fu*ked us so hard it was big battles and also big fun o7

12-07-2018 16:38:19
(7 months ago)


12-07-2018 16:26:23
(7 months ago)

Shivanshu Singh
Lithuania had this Lithuanian jerk who was constantly fighting against Lithuania, spending RL money on that etc. Lithuanians later made him their CP, he flipped sides from BH to Shift and now Lithuania is pinned to the corner and quiet. All thanks to JoNaSsS :/
I am Lithuanian and at the time I was fighting for Lithuania's ally Austria. Austrians were awesome so I didn't backstab them and stayed in Austria. I am fed full supps by Austria to this day.

12-07-2018 15:43:10
(7 months ago)

Interested to hear why Lithuania is inactive, used to be a great nation and very powerful.

12-07-2018 15:34:57
(7 months ago)


11-07-2018 13:46:37
(7 months ago)

Hail Vietnam! o7

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