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Stop lie about balance & Citizen and Total damage statistics (Statistics)
Posted 10 months ago by

so to day i show number
Before that have interest number. In top 25 country only have 9 BH but have 16 from Shift

BH 3,157,426,715,552 1047
Shift 3,863,570,078,142 1326
It show what ?? Shift ally have More region (more resource), citizen and total damage than BH. But still tell many time that server unbalance, BH so Op, no chance, we try hard for not losing. Feel can lie you because no one can accept that they are "not good". I tell many time now and before i started fight against shift that they wrong, but they cant face with the truth. People can lie, but number cant
Im not sure statistic right 100%, but im sure very balance in all stas

anyone can tell me what stas you think that BH stronger more than shift ? if you cant get number, just tell me i will get for you. Only one in my mind : BH have more clutcher and good organization because have less country than shift

Damage get at 11/7/18 5:32 day 2146
and CS get yesterday

Edit 1 For clear
This article count who fight in shift or BH side doesnt mean they are in ally. Since server have only 2 side, some country follow 1 of 2 biggest ally but they don't in it. I count because they basic make damage against 1 of member of other side

Edit 2also https://secura.e-sim.org/article.html?id=70415
article from Israel leader, just have a few change but it because pto and change side

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Comments (47)
14-07-2018 4:52:01
(10 months ago)

Panser007 i dont trust, I'm top player with best set
and my mu make biggest mu - Viking lost in battle
ok, i will test you. After league Macedonia will become my mu order. And we will see how good you are
I'm not active in world battle so may be people dont know my clutch skill. And with web game like e-sim, server fuc*ing bad, have limit click per second , and im sure i click faster than this limit. Win or lose just because lucky

13-07-2018 21:45:07
(10 months ago)

anhnv2011 trust me im one of best clutchers on secura and u can only dream for me skills

13-07-2018 9:20:05
(10 months ago)

34444 this is not the case.
anhnv2011 isn't spamming e-sim world with useless articles. He has something to say so he does. In your case since the articles are pretty much shit and about nothing the only thing that stands out is the fact that it's poorly written. You're a spammer, that's all.

13-07-2018 6:07:59
(10 months ago)

i tell that all time, not last, may be because my english bad

I made this because i cant see what shift spam

Your ally pick team, with enough power, but you lost because you cant manage damage of member, your member not active too. So it totally because of your ally, it not good. But instead of accept and face with the truth, your ally try blame that BH so OP

They keep active so this is them fault, big joke and s*upid logic 34444

13-07-2018 5:16:11
(10 months ago)

LeJoris you must read what anhnv2011 said in last comment!

13-07-2018 4:02:20
(10 months ago)

Panser007 attack my English skill not make you become better in this game

why i should learn english for make article in game.

pingind my friend if you really know my point here you will not tell that

basic i tell with same resource, same cs, Shift lost because people inactive not because balance

12-07-2018 21:42:47
(10 months ago)

Should consider.. Damage of No.Of active players and regions occupied by alliance..

Comparison of total damage is bullshit... Many op players are in Inactive mode

12-07-2018 15:01:14
(10 months ago)


12-07-2018 13:48:23
(10 months ago)

Boo some one should learn english before writing articale

12-07-2018 13:19:19
(10 months ago)

+/- your calculation is ok but in fact we dont know how many players are active. Thats why it is hard to check it. You added few countries to shift when they are fight for bh, like chile, argentina

... But you should check how big productivity have brotherhood https://secura.e-sim.org/statistics.html?selectedSite=COUNTRY&statisticType=CITIZENS

Ii is a good point for checking real power of countries.

Anyway, good statistics

12-07-2018 11:48:00
(10 months ago)


12-07-2018 10:41:08
(10 months ago)

And ya bothered making all that huh

12-07-2018 7:49:32
(10 months ago)

And lie more lie
iran, ireland, NICA, Uruguay, salavador: iran ??? really ??? Ireland - fight hard in bulgaria, billion of damage. Nica+ uruguay same team, and they made many this week, do you need me show, And El salavador same team with NL

Pauaguay really? when they help us? its all Paul medkits on DS and hospital.
slovenia- almost all thier dmg in cups.

BH not dump in bonus?
UK, Germany, solomon, letvia, dom. rep, Bhutan,Mynmar, costa rica, mongolia, Afgan, houndoras, PH, Guatamala, coba, Ukraine, ECD have 1 fighter and less.

UK: see USA org log
germany : dou CS you have
Solomon : hungary - check Hung battle before tell me
Bhutan, myanar: check India battle
hondura : NL
the rest : inactive doesnt mean they not play for you

12-07-2018 7:28:20
(10 months ago)

and your leader not good enough like serb, chiwan and poland did

And ofc, see Spain - Mexico war, tons of damage wasted, and sure see USA - Canada battle
USA overkill and waste 10k weap Q5, do you think if it move another shift battle what will change

Shift lose because bad leader, bad in manage and inactive not because balance, you have all condition for win but the problem is you cant use it
break my logic here
The PriNc3 +1 you only one have good point here. But not right at all. Chiwan are best, but you cant countr Serbia and Poland, with out them Chiwan can be like now

12-07-2018 7:21:32
(10 months ago)

wrong point
do you update. Columbia success kick Serbian by Peru
Vanatu and ok, it my mistake, i will put them in unknow case
But bosnia not wrong, they fight in both side, still have Bosnia in Malaysia mu
Laos im right too, They have people from Israel and cp still are shift

34444 they inactive doesnt mean they not in your side, Am i right??

Main purpose of this article here
anyone can tell me what stas you think that BH stronger more than shift ? if you cant get number, just tell me i will get for you. Only one in my mind : BH have more clutcher and good organization because have less country than shift

who are "clutcher" ? they are active player. What "balance" mean in my mind ?? It mind they have same power, same resource for fight, when they fight they can win. If they dont fight for you, inactive, it is my problem ??? It just show you stu*id when pick inactive team

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