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Q&A with Varofakis Power (Political)
Posted 8 months ago by

Why do you think Varofakis Power is a N̶O̶O̶B̶ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?
60.97 % Because he is a N̶O̶O̶B̶
17.07 % Because he in e-sim staff.
7.31 % Because he become GO in his first day in secura.
4.87 % other
4.87 % i dont know why
2.43 % Because he have premium for free.
2.43 % Because he havnt set.
0.0 % Because he cant ban me.
0.0 % Because he isnt SGO.
0.0 % Because he inactive.
Total votes: 41

i wanna make Q&A with you for my article. possible?

Aka Varofakis : Oh great yes i love fame :V

me: if u took it like fame you have to pay for it :V

Varofakis: fame? who spoke about it?

ok. lets start. who are you (in short)?

Im varofakis, My real name is Gonçalo I'm Portuguese. my age is secret, and will remain as so.
I work as Human Resources (If you need job :V), and studie Tourism. my main hobbies are politics :O
Portugal my tinny piece of land. More specific In Porto :3
i play some temp servers and primera also.

From 1-10, how good is your English? you learn EN only at school?

That's a hard question hahahah, but to my english i would give a 6 or 7/10. only at school.. Public One (i'm Poor)

who invite you to E-sim and how?

Nobody have invited me Is actually a funny story, i was on facebook on my birthday (18/12) and i found it through a babyboom (Europa one) So my birthday on e-sim and rlf is the same!

me: so.. why you stay here?

varofakis I don't know i'm honest im a really ambitious person, and i wanted to pass through everything CP/CM/Staff so i stayed all this time, made friends and now the comunity akes me still being here

you remember someone who help you a lot at start?

Maybe Deadfun , i'm not sure if he was the main helper :V. but on staff was leilajon.

What would you recommend to new players to do at the beginning of the game?
What do you think could leave them in the game?

Depends, of their main target, i would recomend to get know his country comunity first and learn with them, after it, start improoving yourself and gain international power!

Which part of E-sim do you like the most?

Politics one - was allways my fav, and most interesant for me and staff also

Do you think there are things that require a change in E-sim?

Depend of the area.. like bugs... have a lot to do.

If railman will offer you buy the game . How much will you pay?

ohhhh hard question!! I'm a 0 about this area maybe 15-20k.. idk.

do you hate someone in game?

Nah. no space to that in my heart..

how much hours you spend daily on the game?

It depends of the days some 1h others 12h.

You dream about the game at night? Sometimes can't sleep?

No never happent hahaha. even when i was CP of Brazil in primera and I gave Wipe to Italy.
i never lose initiative but never was awake also bcs of it.

did you ever cheat?

i actually banned 3 times. Think for yourself what that means :V

do you play another browser game?

Nope, only e-sim I alredy did played others but this one was the one who gave me more pleasure to play

How did you manage to get into the staff?

I remember that i was all the time spaming the goa:V And once i applied myself to go and 1 or 2h after i was getting a msg being invited to the staff. by irony, it was the other goa and not the one i was spaming :V

me: So, your advice to get into staff is to spam them. Thanks! i will publish it so all will try.

varofakis: No dont do it boys dont spam goa ! hahahaha

What bonuses do you have as a staff member?

The bonus? Only premium hahahha. and when goa remembers to give it ;V

me: ohh so zorica can give premium?:O another reason for spam. tnx again

varofakis: zorica will kill me if you guys do it xd

what are you doing as staff? only bans?

I make bans, warns, exploit cases, mutes, delete articles, shouts coments, ref abuse, National damage etc hahah.. I'm a slave

me: So, why are you still doing this?

varofakis: Bcs I feel agradable knowing im helping improove the game, and make it more fair!

if you remind 'fair'.. some players think staff punish only one side. Does it have a basis?

That's not true~ We have standards, and we need to follow it, not following it may result in ban for us as abuse of powers.

how you feel when you ban old player? how much bans daily?

The Amount of bans and that kind of data is secret, and i cant give, but when i ban a supper acc (old) is hard, bcs usually i can't (to avoid noob gos ban) :V so ask to a sgo.

me: yay. you cant ban me

varofakis: lol want to try >? xd

you wanna be SGO/GOA one day? Is there any chance at all?

Yes I would love to be Ofc there is, with time and work i'll get there

you can delete shout only after report? same with ban?


if anyone say "noob" in shout you will delete? (after report ofc)

usually not, depends of the context.

me: so i can wrote in article that you noob tnx.

varofakis: no problem Lady. I may Edit anyway :V

try edit it NOOB

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Comments (9)
14-07-2018 7:52:47
(8 months ago)

carai irmao parabens !

14-07-2018 1:44:49
(8 months ago)

I love you Aka Varofakis .

13-07-2018 23:18:10
(8 months ago)

varofakis noob ♥

13-07-2018 15:27:25
(8 months ago)

varofakis the ̶p̶r̶o̶

13-07-2018 15:00:40
(8 months ago)

bcs he love back-door action.

13-07-2018 14:08:13
(8 months ago)

Harley Quinn Porto centro muhahahhahah

13-07-2018 10:59:04
(8 months ago)

I called Hi Guy a noob in a shout and got muted. I guess verofakis wasn't honest with you.

13-07-2018 8:52:26
(8 months ago)

Porto é grande ,qual é a zona

13-07-2018 8:33:35
(8 months ago)


Can't edit polls I think ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
Skill: 100

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