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It's time. (Event related)
Posted 11 months ago by

So yes,
after 2127 days (soon 6 years) in this game called e-sim its time to leave.
It was a great joy and fun but mostly just disappointing xD
I've played all the servers, everyone of them.
The game became trash and my country 'calls' me to take a part of IDF - something I've always looked for.

The server that became my main one.
I was 2 clicking in Israel and then I just wanted to leave the community, I have joined to Dark DAN ~ MU and it became my home and my legacy. I met cool dudes and friends, I have accomplished to make Moldova an Economical Empire.

I have reached the best -
4th player in Global Total Dmg
100th player in Global XP
and the highest dmg of today in all e-sim history !!! 15,990,687,878 !!!
also started my own Economical Empire with more than 30K Gold
('In cash') and just my Special Items costs more than 2K, 50K+ Q5 Food , 30K+Q5 Gifts , A LOT OF Q5 Weps , 14K+ Q5 Tickets and a lot more.

The first one, the important one.
I started to play there and it was my beginning. There I got friends, reached knowledge, became CP, vCP, MoD, Alliance Chief and MU vLeader. It was a great time in the great old days of e-sim, where the community was a big part of this game.
Im thankful for this server a lot.
Hail Viper ! o7

2 clicking 2 clicking and again - 2 clicking.
Always helped friends out there :*
Was the SOS guy and it was fun and enjoyable.

So after more than 2127 days , 6 years damn.... Im leaving.
111 Congress Medals
53 Presidential Medals
More than 4.1K BH Medals

Im Thankful for so many people , so here are some of them :
Rafifa - פשוט אוהב ♥ o7 Hail Viper !
Dark DAN Thank you for trusting me with all MDL Management and thank you for being awesome.
Kawaki Thank you bro , you are in-charge now

Thanks to all MDL players here in Secura ! Vase93 MasterKce
Thanks to the Israeli community in Secura ! DonV Corleone naor golani13 and more !
Thanks to the Israeli (old ones) community in Primera and Suna !
Thank you friend anhnv2011

Its actually strange to just say Good Bye after almost 6yrs ....
o7 ! ♥
Yotam / harels / YotamHs

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Comments (33)
18-07-2018 19:54:23
(11 months ago)

07 ♥ !!!!!

אוהב אותך יא אח !
חבר אמיתי!
פשוט עצוב לי לקרוא את זה !

אין לי מילים ...

אז אני אסכם את זה בהצדעה מכובדת!
07 ♥ !!!

אה וכמובן...
Hail Viper ! ! ! ! ! 07 ♥

אני מקווה שגם אתה תחזור יום אחד כמו שאני סוג של חזרתי ...

16-07-2018 23:25:57
(11 months ago)

Goodbye brother 😢

16-07-2018 10:53:06
(11 months ago)


15-07-2018 15:21:46
(11 months ago)

גם אני אוהב אותי

15-07-2018 12:36:40
(11 months ago)

Cya. Dont know you dont miss also

15-07-2018 10:47:48
(11 months ago)

GL in RL o7

15-07-2018 3:24:06
(11 months ago)


14-07-2018 21:32:10
(11 months ago)

תגיד שלום לחופש

14-07-2018 20:06:56
(11 months ago)

Real sad you're leaving. Good luck

14-07-2018 19:56:04
(11 months ago)

I wish u all the best in ur life!

14-07-2018 19:50:17
(11 months ago)

Hamas try to start war should we tell them that our legendary fighter gonna beat them up?

14-07-2018 17:02:33
(11 months ago)

Good Luck for the RL,mate.


14-07-2018 11:18:42
(11 months ago)

Good luck !

14-07-2018 11:10:37
(11 months ago)

harels Good Luck in RL , Bro

14-07-2018 9:43:24
(11 months ago)

harels - no MXwow ?! no vote

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