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The World is Full of Crazy People (Political)
Posted 5 months ago by
DonV Corleone    

USA VS China
Japan VS Canada
England VS Canada
Peru VS Taiwan
USA VS Japan

that all - NOTHING!

See the Results:

^ ••• ^

Bye Bye - Peace
Welcome - Wars

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Comments (20)
07-10-2018 22:07:09
(5 months ago)

very hard when supply cost nothing...

07-10-2018 20:56:21
(5 months ago)

hehe good luck

07-10-2018 9:43:11
(5 months ago)

i guess you were right hehe c:

07-10-2018 7:01:33
(5 months ago)

The Arsen Nothing, Love you ❤

06-10-2018 15:48:17
(5 months ago)

Full of*

06-10-2018 15:47:35
(5 months ago)


06-10-2018 14:11:22
(5 months ago)

i am ://

06-10-2018 13:53:12
(5 months ago)

Sphinx` Wait

06-10-2018 13:48:47
(5 months ago)

DonV Corleone USA vs Japan already happened btw
good morning ^^

06-10-2018 13:24:30
(5 months ago)

We were hoping that US would crush us, ideally taking all our terrotories with them, so we could make more promotional posters for baby boom... yet US seems to have seen through our plans

Playing 4D chess, eh?

06-10-2018 13:23:59
(5 months ago)

tbh i expected much more from those wars

06-10-2018 13:16:25
(5 months ago)

I was actually just joking

06-10-2018 13:11:49
(5 months ago)

LeJoris It not only that... this is idiot war it like fight against urself...
Albanians in Canada and in Japan

But^ it not only that... it all together it Big Results :/

Asia and Europe Joined to North America
and most of battles now it China VS USA
USA VS Japan (Will be soon... I guess)

Ohh... it not matter that bigest Battles
the point is not only about Crazy DMG or battle, Part of the Point is the MAP and the Results there

06-10-2018 12:47:34
(5 months ago)

I'm not sure , but I really think there is nobody who can beat China in a direct war

06-10-2018 12:29:28
(5 months ago)

Japan VS Canada - crazy war, crazy damage, crazy people

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