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Alexander the Greek - Answer me :( (Event related)
Posted 4 months ago by
DonV Corleone    

My Questions:

1. I asked you - How I Cheater (Not get Answer) - First Answer or dont drop Words in the Air and Go Away...

2. Why you all Greeks Love to Cry? - IDC from Israil NAP... I'll never Respect NAP like that... Friends I'll never drop a side... (Just rember it if you want in the NEXT NAP to add Line about CSs... Becuase it will not working (Not about me)

3. Why you choise this Nick? - If you "Alexander the Great" - Act like him (He never Cry to his Enemis

• And dont sell to me Bullshit Reasons... Like:
I not talk with Jews/Un-Respect NAP/Israelians/Enemis/People (xD)

• But dont again Drop your Words, and Go :/

• Dont Forget, I'm Jew... It take me time for understand

• I have for you TIP, come and Answer me... Becuase I'll never leave this Case

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Comments (51)
13-10-2018 17:32:39
(4 months ago)

greek culture> every culture mr slovak barbarian

13-10-2018 8:16:39
(4 months ago)

gabberattack Go away, For now Greeks Understand me this is the Target not idi** Slovakian

13-10-2018 1:41:49
(4 months ago)

OMG, please write your future articles in Hebrew, it is much easier and more accurate to Google translate Hebrew -> English than "DonV Corleone enghlieshe" -> English. Does anyone understand this guy?

12-10-2018 16:47:14
(4 months ago)

1. The origin of drama is in Ancient Greece. Greece cried from its beginning. And they used to be perfect in it.
2. There are just one nation which is better in crying than Greece. Yes, the Jews are better in it. If you know some of the jew preyers, you know how to cry.

3. There is opinion, that Ancient Greece culture perishing, because they found out wisemen in India. Men, who suffered a lot without single word. They calmly lived their distressful lives. Then Greeks saw, that their ethics (propedeutics, how to live blessed live (eudaimonia) is nothing in comparison of ancient Indian philosophy.

12-10-2018 14:13:54
(4 months ago)

roling eyes

12-10-2018 8:47:57
(4 months ago)


12-10-2018 8:47:09
(4 months ago)


12-10-2018 6:35:21
(4 months ago)

Costa Rica Org +2

12-10-2018 6:34:40
(4 months ago)

Costa Rica Org +1

12-10-2018 6:33:29
(4 months ago)

So many orgs speaking here

El Chapo
I dont know what you Talking about :s

11-10-2018 22:54:15
(4 months ago)

So many orgs speaking here

11-10-2018 22:35:17
(4 months ago)

DonV Corleone we have dictators who don t let me speak .. i m sorry for no response to you it s not personal...


11-10-2018 21:43:38
(4 months ago)

I dont have be with Honor to this NAP...
I not was in Israel when you Signed

and I'll never drop Mkd to other Side as Israel did...

You the one are not understand nothing...

IDC from My Country
that all^

Honor, not Honor I dont think you can check if i have By check this NAP... Becuase i come and say it simply: IDC from this shitty Nap^
(BTW^ if we talk about Shitty things^)

All of the Israelians will want see again Crete By Turkey/Israel
But they are weak^ Listen to stupids NAPs... and make out the Honor for the Friends...

You said i dont have honor?
When i complete with this Nap, and I'll leave it... this the Time I lost my Honor... to my Friends not lost honor becuase I not listen to NAP of Some Cry-Greeks and to Turkey/Israel GOV

I work for my Self, not for Israel not for Turkey.
It was Last time I answer/say about it^

11-10-2018 20:09:48
(4 months ago)

El Chapo you couldn't come up with a worse argument to support your statement. You're just flaming.

11-10-2018 19:58:14
(4 months ago)

The only difference is that macedonians never cried

But athen greeks cried from macedonians.

So in terms macedonians were never greek-related

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