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Jkeller4000 Corp dividend issued! (Economical)
Posted 4 months ago by

Dividend being voted on current by share holders

Another week, another dividend! Look at the market share price today! people are willing to pay 4 Gold

to buy a share this week! last week they were only willing to pay half a gold!

400% ROI in one week, you cannot beat that jsut kidding in order to get another 400% the share price would have to go to 16 Gold
and that i s highly un likely!

I was thinking of trying a semi savings account idea. where i would price control the shares so that people would always know there was a willing buyer and seller of shares. so that people could see it more of a savings account than a financial investment. but jkeller4000 corp is too large for me to be able to afford to buy al lthe outstanding shares currently! so maybe in a few months or years i can get it set up.

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