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How to make loads of Gold as president! (Fun)
Posted 4 months ago by

What is the solution?
40.0 % Fine all congress and presidents that lead countries with currency above 100 or below 20.
30.0 % USA congress should take advantage of this and buy all the usa currency until 15 currency buys gold.
30.0 % Eliminate the stock company currency limitations
Total votes: 10

"Ratio for currency cannot be greater than 20, for gold must be less than 100, greater than 5
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This is how!

so if presidents/congress get their currency so strong stock companies have to take a loss in order to sell that currency or else their stock company fills full of currency and the currency then gets stronger! and they can print for more profit than other wise because of the stock companies being forced to decide to either take a loss or to hoard currency.

or if presidents/congress also print so much currency it gets super weak. stock companies cannot sell it. and they must hoard it. as no one will buy the strong currency the stock company tries to sell because there is alays much cheaper currency on the markets! this is why all countries have set their currency exchange rate to 0.01 or 100!

Usa market is the only one that has a currency between 20 and 100. which is why the only profitable stock companies are in usa. all other countries steal from stock companies!

if the game opperators were doign their jobs they would fine the congress and presidents of every country that is abusing this system glitch! as it is completely aginst game rules to abuse the system for extra profits!

now what i suggest as the game would be very foolish to fine all congressmen and president's who let their currency get out of that range.

I suggest for USA to do the opposite of all other countries and use the npc gold to buy currency until it gets so strong that 20 usd would buy one gold!

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Comments (3)
13-10-2018 16:39:52
(4 months ago)

I'm aware of the fact that they donate gold, as a cp of country who's original region is high iron, I'm aware of that fact. I myself run commune on the basis on NPC and personal gold.

12-10-2018 20:03:38
(4 months ago)

Was a gold buyer until the game fined me for paying myself extra to hire and fire employees in my stock company.

and economics has an idea of price discovery. if supply is great. price goes down. supply of npcs is great so wage of npcs is low. this profits are the same.

npcs also donate their gold they earn to country treasuries, countries use that gold to fund their communes or militaries. thus the goods produced by npcs are consumed!

so you are missing half of the economy if you think npcs only produce.

12-10-2018 19:23:28
(4 months ago)

Do you even understand the concept of NPCs?
And for stock companies to have profit, there must be more people playing the game, NPCs don't buy products unfortunately, so a lot of supps in server, hence cheap price, less buyers.
Are you a goldbuyer btw?

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