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Countries Most Influence all Time Players - USA (Political)
Posted 2 months ago by

Who do you think is the most influence USA player in the history of secura?
51.2 % jackist
26.4 % Harley Quinn`
13.6 % harmcity
1.6 % Yensid
1.6 % W1tch_K1ng
1.6 % Tiger Style
1.6 % lippy
0.8 % jkeller4000
0.8 % reo_
0.8 % King Stannis Baratheon
0.0 % RabinhouD
Total votes: 125

This time USA

Heres CPs list, but remember, there are more elements and things that refers to the influence of a person beside being the country cp.

Think of the past and present

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Comments (19)
15-02-2019 1:12:11
(2 months ago)

The best CPs of the USA were the ones who accomplished and persevered without the resources that jackist, Harley et al have at their disposal.

10-02-2019 15:57:47
(2 months ago)

Cmon Mungos, I respect you as a player but you are still kinda a baby to see difference. I worked with mostly all persons from list, and noone is comparable to Harley.

Jackist had good feeling for economy, with some pilot projects in Peru (not USA) but, always his plan were based on Visa (which I dont say its negative thing, but some of his ideas would not work without it).

Zorica time in USA I skipped mostly.. so I cant comment that.

With Harley, I worked when she was in Portugal, while we had some quite bad alliances. I know her influence in alliance before all USA thing started, back 4 years ago. You say, its few months, I think its more than year already in USA. And maybe, alliance of USA was not on the top all this time, but USA was on the top all the time.

Actually, Harmcity could be compared to Harley, if he had more consistency in my opinion.

09-02-2019 17:29:55
(2 months ago)

harmcity <3

09-02-2019 12:34:11
(2 months ago)

jackist, of course.
NPC is a solid answer for this poll

09-02-2019 8:09:17
(2 months ago)

1. Jackist visa
2. Zorica managing

If harley stays for a longer time in USA and keep gj probably will be a hard battle for 1st position

08-02-2019 12:31:06
(2 months ago)

King Stannis Baratheon


08-02-2019 9:19:47
(2 months ago)

Well, George Washington had plenty of influence on the USA, even if he didn't last that long as leader/president.

Land of the Free; Home of the Brave.

08-02-2019 5:06:57
(2 months ago)

No CSux No vote!

08-02-2019 2:20:19
(2 months ago)

wtf where is zorica ??

07-02-2019 23:28:46
(2 months ago)

"(4 hours ago)
Lets be fair and say that BH guys mostly vote for Jackish so Harley would not win "

she is in USA for few months, and definietly she havent bigger influence than zorica and jackist had in their time (even tho with this many multis)

07-02-2019 23:11:15
(2 months ago)

Hi Guy you were CP xD

07-02-2019 22:48:25
(2 months ago)

If it was not for my arrival Jackist's grip on the US may have never been broken. People may forget that it was pretty much a one party state. Unfortunately later on other elements of the eUS abused their citizenship passes to let in the Ivar the Boneless fan club, and now I think it's pretty much hopeless. This group is more powerful than Jackist ever was, and they have so many tanks that it is a lost cause for anyone taking them on.

07-02-2019 21:57:50
(2 months ago)

Zorica is real winner of this

07-02-2019 19:21:09
(2 months ago)

Lets be fair and say that BH guys mostly vote for Jackish so Harley would not win

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