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New CP (Political)
Posted 2 months ago by
Sweden Org    

Hi all. So as you now, CW succeeded and I, hardworker1 , am the new CP.

I'm the new guy in Sweden, so I would like to start with representing myself. My home country is Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I'm moving to Sweden next month in RL and I decided to come here in game and help Sweden as much as I can. My political experience is very rich. I've been in congress in Bosnia and in Cyprus, I was in government in Bosnia a lot of times, so I know how things work in politic. Also I speak Swedish, so the natives can contats me on Swedish language.

Politicaly, my plan is to try to get us neutral, to be in peace with everyone, but if that's not possible, I'll try to get us in one of the alliances. I have friends that are CPs in some strong countries so... It's important to build economy couse that's the key of successful country. Also, I would like to ask congress members that are not so active to leave the congress because of fast voting.

Military, my first plan is to be neutral, but if there is a chance, as I said, I will try to get us in one of the alliances. Also, I've noticed that there is a lot of MUs in Sweden, so I think that is better to have 1-2 strong MUs, than 5 weak.


As you know, we have 3 organisations: Sweden Org , HKV and Sweden HQ .

Sweden Org is in a very good state, congrats for that to the past governments, but these 2 orgs are empty.

If you want to donate something, please donate supps to Sweden HQ and money and gold to HKV . Every week I'll publish article about donations and donators, so everything is going to be public and you don't have to worry about that.


When CW staret, some people accused me for PTOing lol. Of course that is not true. I will take advices from any citizen, no matter who he is. As the matter effect, I would be glad that you suggest me something and propose some ideas. Government isn't formed yet, but some fuctions will have Guardian from Hell and Swerige . You can contact me on Discord or im PM. Jongt bro, we myb had some fights, but you are allways welcome in the government.

That's it for now, let's build a country! o7

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09-03-2019 0:18:38
(1 month ago)

iso what did you say?


10-02-2019 10:58:53
(2 months ago)

Sweden it's not on the map.. we don't care about your cp

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