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Battle of Ružomberok, photoreport (Political)
Posted 4 months ago by

As our home redaction is located in Ružomberok, we could not ignore, that Ružomberok was attacked by Czechia . We bring you exclusive news from the first line with some photographs.

First of all, for those who do not know, Ružomberok is city with about 27 000 inhabitants. It is located in mountainous northern Slovakia on the confluence of rivers Váh and Revúca.

Day 2361, 13:00. Czech army started offensive to conquer the city. Their troops are advancing from the north-west, across narrow walley agains flow of river Váh. In this walley goes both railway and road connecting two biggest Slovak cities, Bratislava and Košice. On the photo below you can see view of north-western suburb Klačno and bankrupted textille mill Texicom.

As first, czechs sent their newest models of tanks. On the photo is czech conwoy advancing to the city. Meanwhile alarm is started in the city.

Paper mill located on the east part of the city reacts and quickly started production of fighter planes.

Czechs did not expect aircraft attack and first tanks were destroyed between Texicom and Klačno. Czechs tacticly retreated westwards.

Next wave of the attack was succesful for czechs. Few tanks were quickly adapted as anti aircraft guns, what paralyzed Slovak air forces.

Nothing more stood in the way for the Czechs. Meanwhile Mexican troops, allies of Czechia, operated in the Klačno suburb. Mexican tortilla launchers caused severe damage here.

Till the evening Czechs with their allies conquered western part of the city and czech flag flows on the Texicom chimney. Czechs secured way across the walley and fight is now hold in the streets. We will see, how the battle will progress...

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Pictures suit there well.

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