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Ku jeni o trimat e xha Jahos?
Albania Org posted 1 year ago

Pershendetje !

Kemi vendosur qe mos te luftojme kunder Italise per 90 dite ( 3 muaj ). Shpresojme qe lojtaret e tyre te behen me aktiv gjate kesaj kohe.
Albania Org posted 2 years ago

Shq1ptari ka 7 zemra, 1 per.... e 5 per femra
Albania Org posted 2 years ago

While we are occupied and waiting for resources,
Let’s support Serbia to the best of our Ability,
Since we became friends and set differences aside over a year ago,
They have shown nothing but Respect and loyalty to our country,
So let’s focus all our resources to our main ally/friends, at this time.

Support all Serbia national orders,

Thank you.
Albania Org posted 2 years ago

Albania National Orders:

Current order of hold fire has been lifted.
Please follow your military unit orders and fight.

President &/of Council announcement pending.
Albania Org posted 2 years ago

Bloody Alboz are comming for you!
Albania Org posted 2 years ago

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