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Imperator Caesar
29 Level
76,719 Experience
1,628,479,442 Damage
30.671875 Economy skill
3727 Strength
Day 1 Birthday
Military unit Reapers
Owned companies (1)
This citizen has been inactive for 445 days

7,745 / 13,128
Critical hit:
15,490 / 26,256
Base critical chance
12.5 %
+4.66 %
Total critical chance
17.16 %
17.16 %
Base miss chance
12.5 %
-7.43 %
-6.86 %
Overall miss chance
-1.79 %
0.0 %
Base chance to avoid DMG:
5.0 %
+6.14 %
+7.1 %
+6.32 %
+6.44 %
Overall chance to avoid DMG
31.0 %
31.0 %
Base chance to use less weapons per berserk
Final chance to use less weapons per berserk
0.0 %
Base chance to find a weapon
Final chance to find a weapon
0.0 %
Free flight base chance
5.0 %
Free flight final chance
0.0 %
0.0 %
  • x27
  • x52
  • x39
  • x185
  • x43
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updated E-Sim LAWs

Please check them.

BIackadder posted 2 years ago

Maybe would be easier for all of you, if we just do not allow usage of national assets for hiring NPC's anymore. Since NPCs were created only for citizens it might be best solution.... We'll see...
BIackadder posted 2 years ago

National MU = MU with ORG as officer with full rights and can be declared only for one nation.

I would also like to refresh rule about NPC's.
National MU's that uses national assets to hire NPC's, MUST return everything that NPC's produce. ALL MUST be sent back to ORG. Everything else will be considered as stealing from national organizations.
BIackadder posted 2 years ago

It seems that we need to explain what term ''national MU'' means in this game.
It means that when MU is declared as national, it has to have ORG as a member with full officer rights. It also means that national MU is national ONLY for one nation. NOT few but ONLY ONE. IMO it's common sense and all other interpretations that some of you have are just excuses for ...
If MU has ORGs of different nationality as members, it DOES NOT mean that this MU is national for all of this nations...
BIackadder posted 2 years ago

Molim Vas, da prestanete pisat ''gluposti'' po shoutovima.
BIackadder posted 2 years ago

YEY it's a ''phishing season''

We have more and more cases regarding phishing sites. They cannot be prevented from our side. This kind of crime must be ignored by YOU.
If you click on wierd links and if you even put your personal data in some kind of form, then you are ( mildely said in a f...). This is important not only for time spent here on E-sim but also time spent on NET generaly.
What we ask of you is, NOT to CLICK on anykind of links sent to you by ''friends'' or unknown player
BIackadder posted 2 years ago

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