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Let's contribute to Italy's independence.
Target is Central Italy
USA Org posted 1 month ago

We are back to War with Spain. Let's crush our enemy and make the US fiscal economy grow.
Galicia Spain is the target. Happy hunting
USA Org posted 2 months ago

Italy could use are help. They have always fought by our side. Anyone needing supplies please contact me. willfuup or Ockey5
Battle Orders are set to Italy:Veneto
USA Org posted 2 months ago

We are going to start helping legitimate allies of the US, by fighting on the side of Italy. Thanks for all of the support.
Orders are set for Veneto/ Italy
USA Org posted 2 months ago

Venezuela is our allie, not Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has continued to fight against us in every major battle. Venezuela has fought on our side for years.
USA Org posted 2 months ago

We have League tomorrow!! Let's have fun and win some medkits! I look forward to seeing you there..
Great job everyone!!!
You have been awarded with tournament medal and 4*medkit for participating in league!
USA Org posted 2 months ago

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