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DAY 2111 FULL Q6 SET FINISHED, now only EQ parameter upgrades remain xD
29 Level
78,031 Experience
5,874,901,550 Damage
11.875 Economy skill
4402 Strength
Day 1972 Birthday
Political office Party leader
Military unit Mephedrone Crew
Working at
This citizen has been inactive for 77 days

8,803 / 13,204
Critical hit:
17,606 / 26,408
Base critical chance
12.5 %
Total critical chance
12.5 %
12.5 %
Base miss chance
12.5 %
Overall miss chance
12.5 %
12.5 %
Base chance to avoid DMG:
5.0 %
Overall chance to avoid DMG
5.0 %
5.0 %
Base chance to use less weapons per berserk
Final chance to use less weapons per berserk
0.0 %
Base chance to find a weapon
Final chance to find a weapon
0.0 %
Free flight base chance
5.0 %
Free flight final chance
0.0 %
0.0 %
  • x10
  • x3
  • x12
  • x9
  • x678
  • x81
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Fight and train, Brotherhood must reign!
Walczyć, trenować, Brotherhood musi panować!
Eligiuszz posted 3 months ago

I want to thank you for votes. Now its high time to show that my election is right decision, soon we will regain our colonies. Everyone that want to take part in making Slovakia Great Again is welcomed!
Hope our efforts will make us huge and powerful country!
Eligiuszz posted 3 months ago

Dear all!
Many things were said, but im here to make Slovakia strong and help my friends, but here i am, saying that everyone that want to make Slovakia Great Again and help their allies and Brotherhood is welcomed.
Remember, anyone can be elected, but are you sure he will do everything to make Slovakia powerful country, without internal conflicts or rather he will make it Mexican PTO... If any of slovakian emigrants want to join real Slovakia then you are welcomed!
Lets together make Slovakia Great Again!
Eligiuszz posted 3 months ago

Tu som, dúfam, že budeme mať dobrý čas spoločne. V dôsledku toho znova urobíme Slovensko skvelým!
Eligiuszz posted 3 months ago

Chorwacki chamie klękaj przed polskim panem!
Eligiuszz posted 3 months ago

Soon Croatia will be Polish!
Eligiuszz posted 3 months ago

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