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journey in the countries of secura- cuba (Political)
Posted 2 months ago by
omer 3    

which country you want that will be in the next article
46.15 % Mexico
25.0 % Slovenia
7.69 % Montenegro
5.76 % Nepal
5.76 % Portugal
5.76 % Uruguay
3.84 % Panama
Total votes: 52

the history of cuba in secura

(thanks to tal203 that do this screenshot)

in the first years of the server cuba wasnt exist but before two years the new server america had merged with secura and a lot of countries in america joined our server and cuba was one of them.
in the start usa controled cuba and than jamaica conquered cuba from usa.
jamaica controled cuba a long time but people of cuba decided they want to be free.
before 3 monthes they free her regions with the help of bahamas and signed nap.

I decided to interview Ojojq , he was cp of cuba and he is the leader of cuba mu

me: why you and your players decided to move cuba? why you dont decided to move another place?

Ojojq : I started play on secura in swiss with chrzaszczyrzewoszyczanin team.
After few month i joined to poland(my native), It was when Poland fight with shift against brotherhood.
I was active on #n.t.a channel So I met many players in shift like harmcity, zorica, Bahamas, USA Israel...
But when harmcity made a pause, MXwow (polish CP), changed side for brotherhood, MXwow thought that without harmcity Poland can have a problem in wars.
But i decided to stay in shift and take one org for me to make supplies for fight.
After I checked a lot of countries i decided that cuba will be perfect.
I organize few fighters, bought cs in cuba and after 2 months i was cp. Cuba was perfect because the allies in america, there were 5 slovaks in cuba But not active.

me: why you decided to stay in shift and not move to the stronger ally brotherhood?

Ojojq : decided stay becauseI had friends in shift after war with serbs. I think MXwow made wrong decision, but maybe he can play only with stronger ally. Now, only one Country from top5 dmg is in the shift, but we fight. It is only game, not Real life

me: what is the purpose of cuba for the next month? how do you think your coutry will become stronger?

Ojojq : I think cuba is safe and we will not make changes. Now we have New CP - Halny. I Will help our allies in another countries. Cuba is open for all players from poland or another countries, Who want join to Our team. From two months we fight only for Our ally, after nap with jamaica.

me: last question, do you have tip for occupied countries? how do you think they can free their regions?

Ojojq : Just join to shift coalicion! But if you think about shifts friends, like latvia or sweden, it is hard because Poland is a very strong Country with many good fighters. We are not enought strong to have many fronts. Now server is not balanced... But we will fight till the end. Regards for Our ally and all polish fighters!

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Comments (16)
11-07-2018 3:50:51
(2 months ago)

We need more this kind of articles. But the comments are bad.

10-07-2018 20:23:54
(2 months ago)

I don't take seriously puppets !!

10-07-2018 16:41:05
(2 months ago)

Do you mean Iran and its colonies are not Asia countries?
Or maybe Indonesia belongs to Oceania and Isreal belongs to Europe?

10-07-2018 13:58:44
(2 months ago)

anhnv2011 while BH have all europe and asia

10-07-2018 4:32:07
(2 months ago)

every ally have great fighters and noobs.. also BH.
Germany war its not ping pong.. we havnt regions yet

well, you name some contries, but China have much more..

i didnt get what u want.. Malasia have 1 region + 1 under indo control..

10-07-2018 4:21:36
(2 months ago)

34444 lol only count country get conquered but dont see the big picture
Shift control all America except Canada - one of my success project, mexico and suriname have colonies too . Most country in Caribe belong you. In euro, Slovenia and NL still have colonies
and above all, You really have many overkill with big wall. I can list hundred of round USA, mexico ... make over kill 20 - 100kk damage.
Shift have enough damage for fight but many fighter dont fight in any battle except them battle that why have overkill win and lose battle

10-07-2018 4:18:09
(2 months ago)

Shivanshu Singh it because of your SC not mine, shift want pick me as true enemies. We still not join BH, i never come them ally chat. I just find where i can hurt Shift with my t2 damage also i can help my friend free, why not, i tell it "flashback"- real life strategy make my country free. And the result show that it work perfect. Give me all Malaysia back may be it will end. This is answer for "1 country vs 1 ally battle" . anw this show for me Who are friend who are enemies and bad friend of mine

And not only Greece, war in Germany + NL, bulgaria, Croatia ping pong too.

09-07-2018 22:34:34
(2 months ago)

much more occupied countries from shift side. that why ping pong almost everywhere

09-07-2018 21:26:19
(2 months ago)

the history of japan the world war i made to get freedom.

09-07-2018 20:25:13
(2 months ago)

omer 3 BAHAMAS

09-07-2018 17:14:08
(2 months ago)

ping pong war every where and you tell it not balance ....

Not everywhere, mostly Greece region I think.

Plus, since Vietnam joined brotherhood, it became more unbalanced.

P.s. why is Nepal even there in the poll?

09-07-2018 16:20:46
(2 months ago)

Now server is not balanced
ping pong war every where and you tell it not balance ....

09-07-2018 15:27:30
(2 months ago)

Do Austria x3

09-07-2018 15:06:16
(2 months ago)

Do Austria x2

09-07-2018 15:04:49
(2 months ago)

The screenshot is mine

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