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Regional statistics (Statistics)
Posted 2 months ago by

After read many times about balance of server + read http://secura.e-sim.org/article.html?id=71124 shout + my project in rl end early => so i have alot free time in company so i create 1 script and collect the data and make this article

Data get at 09:06:45, 10-07-2018 server time
Total region = 94*6=564

Source : https://1drv.ms/x/s!An9cvglf1dtyh1j2z2mbitx66yz_

* I count 4 region of mine because we fight with Bh doesnt mean we are in BH, same in some country fight for Shift but really not in Shift, but i will let it look like in your mine
Shift have 277 region
BH have 259 region

Answer me that if not balance why number region show difference 34444 Shivanshu Singh . if your weaker why you control more ?? Dont see only china or poland so big (because they strong). Shift have more country than BH. If you tell about ally, should be use number of ally not only 1

I will not balance or not. Number say anything

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Comments (19)
10-07-2018 21:47:42
(2 months ago)


10-07-2018 21:40:14
(2 months ago)

lol why u tell me that?
i think the same..

maybe u forget?

10-07-2018 20:17:19
(2 months ago)

lol, one more pointless. After i show that BH not Op, you find another reason for your lose lol. Face with the truth
9/25 top damage from BH
16/25 top damage from shift

Chiwan cant survivor with out poland and Serbia, proof me with number not your personal think

10-07-2018 19:25:45
(2 months ago)

Admit it Brotherhood is nothing without Chiwan

Some people want them just to save their country getting wiped

10-07-2018 18:36:51
(2 months ago)

@mungos that what i want proof. They talk much about BH is OP but the truth that they lost only because they bad in fight and they dont want face with the truth

10-07-2018 17:29:25
(2 months ago)

if you really want to show balance of server, calculate daily damage of alliances for 1 whole week
truth is that shift have some sleep countries like nicaragua, who can daily make very big damage but they dont because of some reason (or if they do, i didnt notice for long time tbh ), from my opinion, shift is still stronger alliance just with bad dmg-organization

10-07-2018 15:50:26
(2 months ago)


10-07-2018 15:20:00
(2 months ago)

Ojojq i basic finish code , already have app but i need some confirm about some country. It not easy like region, some country have no region but still strong. i will put article next day
@xdxm006 noted, this not effect this article because they have 0 region

ero5074 they mean shift have more region, more NPC than BH

10-07-2018 15:00:49
(2 months ago)

Numbers, Mason! What do they mean?

10-07-2018 14:57:15
(2 months ago)

.... most of brotherhood use Q1 weps , most of Shift use Q5 weps so it could have possible chance to won some battles

there is not balance at all

Lithuania is pretty much the only country using lots of Q1 weaps and it's in Shift.

10-07-2018 14:05:02
(2 months ago)

btw Sweden is now Russian puppet , so you dont forget to count them on next article

10-07-2018 13:52:00
(2 months ago)

Shivanshu Singh - when i was in revolutionary army it was only MU in that ally ( basiccaly the same as brotherhood with few changes ) which uses Q5 weps , 2 or 3 years back ...

10-07-2018 13:46:08
(2 months ago)

Can you make the same for Total dmg and citizen?

10-07-2018 11:42:15
(2 months ago)

i will edit code and will make stas about CS and total damage show that you wrong
1 reason make BH stronger is they more active and have chiwan and Serbia fight everywhere even they get war in core, but not same with Shift. At least in some battle i joined , usa and mex/suriname always make dump and overkill, if this damage move to another, may be will make difference result

10-07-2018 11:18:51
(2 months ago)

xdxm006 by most brotherhood, do you mean Chiwan multies that make wall?

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